Editing by Julia


I can help!

As you may have noticed, our world (both online and off) is full of spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. There’s no reason that your personal or business communications should be less than perfectly polished. Even the smallest mistake can cause readers to judge you negatively, so it’s important to make the best possible impressions, first and always!

I have a passion for accurate and precise communication, as regards language usage as well as grammar, spelling and punctuation. I can help edit and proofread your copy for basic correctness, or more qualitatively, for content and clarity. My copyediting and proofreading rates are reasonable, and are generally based off of those published by the Editorial Freelancers Association. I offer a number of services in this area; if you’re wondering if there’s a fit for you, just ask! I’d love to hear from you, to begin a conversation about what I can do for you (and to provide you with a price quote). Just drop me a line by email and we can discuss your needs.

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